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Lynn C. Appelman

Certified Financial Planner™ CFP®

Alissa L. Conklin

Chartered Financial Consultant® ChFC®

Getting Started...

So you have reviewed our website or were referred to us by one of our clients and now you are ready to come in and meet with us.  Here are the next few steps for getting started:

1. Give our office a call at (570) 784-1716 or 1(800) 598-4998 and we can schedule an appointment that will work with your calendar.  Our office is open from 9:30–5 on weekdays, although we can often provide an early morning or evening appointment if that is necessary.

First appointments usually take an hour, there are no further obligations to coming in to meet with us, and your initial consultation is free.

In recent years, the complexity of the financial markets has grown dramatically.  Many of the industry changes were regulatory in nature. The regulatory changes have had a bearing on the way we do business, as well as the cost of doing business. Because of these factors, Appelman Financial requires a minimum investment of $50,000.

2. After your appointment is scheduled, we will send out a mailing confirming your appointment day and time with an enclosed brochure about our office.  In order to advise you on your personal financial situation, you will need to bring the following:

     * Your spouse, if applicable

Plus the most recent:

     * Investment &/or retirement statement(s) (i.e.  IRA, 401K, 403B, etc.)

     * Income tax return

     * Social Security estimate notice(s)

     * Life insurance policy statement(s)

Just as you need to provide your physician with your health history, temperature, and blood pressure in order for them to keep you healthy or make you feel better, we need every piece of your financial puzzle in order to advise you on your "overall financial picture."  

Reviewing your personal situation is the key to our services!

3. If you are not familiar with where we are located, please feel free to print off a map from our Contact page for you to take with you on your trip.  Our office faces Route 42 in Buckhorn and we are located between the Columbia Mall and Ken’s Cattails.  Our accessible parking lot is off Schoolhouse Road.

4. And we look forward to meeting you!


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